Magnetic Coat Hooks

magnetic coat hooks

Magnetic Coat Hooks

Magnetic Coat Hooks

Strong, yet slim and sleek, these double prong magnetic coat hooks from Magnuson Group attach easily to steel surfaces such as lockers & cabinets. They can be used to hang hats & coats, keys & aprons. They are available in 7 different colors to suit your environment. Dark Blue is one of them. They offer strength, but without permanence. Mount in a flash to any metal surface and remove at any time.

These space-saving hooks are essential for cruise staterooms. Instead of hooks, they use magnets to secure onto the underside of any flat or circular surface and save a full six centimeters of vertical space.

They’re also great for hanging your wet bathing suit and towels in the cabin, or even when you get ready to swim in the shower!

We offer a large selection of magnetic and non-magnetic hooks and hangers to suit every situation. There are front mount hangers, magnetic hooks and magnetic strips of all sizes and shapes. These are perfect for filing cabinets, cabinets, lockers, etc. We also carry heavy-duty, industrial and technical magnetic hooks for hanging tools, wires, lights, banners, cables, signs and more. These hooks are available in five different finishes and three different types of magnet material to suit your needs.






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